Based in Bloomington Indiana, Spikes (aka Omegaphone) brings decades of experience to mixing music across genres, styles and borders. He was the DJ and half of the production unit for R.H.Y.T.H.M., a politically charged rap group based in central Indiana in the 1990's. He has played shows and shared stages with the likes of DJ Kool Herc, Public Enemy, Doug E Fresh, 2 Pac, De La Soul, Phantogram, Shabazz Palaces and Madlib among many others.



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Jefferson Street Parade Band
Gone Viral [Omegaphone Superbug Remix ft. Delta 5ive]

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Goodhands Team
Robotoddle [Omegaphone Spacewalk Mix]

Rival/Viral cover art

Go With the Flow [DJ Spikes Undercurrent Dub Mix]

Music is medicine
Mixing is life